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Synchron 3 Wire Damper Motor Actuator replaces 2 Wire spring return motors, such as Honeywell ARD ZD M847, Jackson, EWC, Trol a Temp, DuroZone and many others

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A RetroZone Exclusive!

Quality Hansen Synchron(tm) brand 3 wire motor upgrade for your two wire spring return dampers-Gets rid of power robbing, failure prone, hot, spring return motors!

Due to the high failure rate of Honeywell, Trol A Temp, ARD, Jackson HD and D XX series , Zone First, RobertShaw, EWC, Trol A Temp RDMZ and ARD, Hansen, Synchron, and other motors using this common footprint motor. 

Note: This motor will require 3 wires from your current zone control panel to the motor. All Honeywell, Trol A Temp, EWC, Durozone, Ecojay, and most zone panels offer a 3 wire damper output. Using this motor is as simple as connecting the third wire from the unused damper terminal, often marked NO, M4, or Norm open. Write with any questions. 

The same footprint used by almost all brands. Replaces many two wire Spring return motors with a "common footprint" design as shown in the pictures, with 1.33 or 1 and 5/16 inch center shaft to shaft spacing. Some "new construction" type panels only offer a 2 wire output, contact us for an interface relay.

We are offering the drop-in replacement RZ135-7 3 wire motor to end issues with spring return motors. 

Replaces many two wire Spring return motors with a "common footprint" design as shown in the pictures, including Honeywell's M847D motors used on ARD and other dampers.

Why use this 3 wire, power open, power close motor? Many damper users are shocked to learn that a 2 wire spring return damper must pull 8 to 10 watts of power the entire time they are energized, to keep the damper closed, since the spring is always trying to pull it open.

Worse, the spring puts unnecessary stress on the gears, which often fail on these motors.

But not this quality Synchron RZ135-7 motor! This more expensive 3 wire design de-powers itself when fully open or closed, and uses no power, and no spring. 

Green and Red lights make set up and use a snap.

Three Wires:

White= common or M1

Red = Open or M4

Green= Close or M6

* Works as a replacement for Honeywell M847D series motors on popular ZD and ARD dampers, including M847D1004 and M847D1012 motors and other M847D series. This also replaces the Hansen 135-6 motor, as well asotherbrands with the same footprint.

**Motors may also be shipped with a brushed aluminum cover but otherwise are identical, except for the cover.

Also works on these models:

Jackson HD series

Jackson D XX series

Zonefirst ZDS 


Robert Shaw DAR

Trol a temp RDMZ RDMH MARD


And many others. 

These motors offer:

    •    Less Cost

    •    Better Quality

    •    Full 1 Year Warranty

Features and Benefits

    •    *Uses power only while moving

    •    *30 seconds run time

    •    *Motor never gets hot.

    •    *Torque is consistently delivered throughout the full 90 degree rotational operating range to open and close the damper. Damper musttravela full 90 degrees to de power.

    •    *Extremely reliable. Statistical life reliability exceeds 120,000 cycles at 90% reliabilityand 100% confidence with no decay indelivery torque over life of the actuator.

    •    *Very quiet operation typically 40dB, or less at 3 feet.

    •    *Will not work on Carrier Infinity and VVT systems using a modulated motor. See our "Carrier Infinity" motors.

In addition to this motor, we also offer our BH KIT1 that comes with a Belimo, commercial grade, three wire motor. 

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