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Belimo Replacement Motors


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Belimo LMB24-3-T

$76.00 Each

+ FREE Shipping in the Continental United States.



Our most popular commercial grade motor that mounts on almost any driveshaft to give powerful, quiet control. Takes 24vac or DC, since motor is internally a DC drive motor with microprocessor based circuitry that kills power when motor reaches end of travel-this motor never even gets warm to the touch. 5 year warranty. *Motor is used on our popular "Super Duty" SD series of Round dampers. Also used on our popular SD3085 Series of Rectangular Dampers. *Can be adapted to almost any damper using a drive shaft.*Use a fraction of the power of spring return dampers .*unique internal circuitry allows "one output control" from any thermostat or single pole switch (no relays needed!), unlike almost any other power open/power close damper motor- You get the best of both worlds, ease of wiring like a spring return, reliability and energy efficiency of a power open, power close 3 wire damper. *Using a single pole, double throw switch wit a center off, this motor can be stopped anywhere in its range, and will hold position in the airstream for balancing applications.

Belimo LMB24-3-T damper motor isoBelimo lmb 24-3-T mounted

Super Duty damper motor


Belimo LMB24-3-T




Belimo TF24-TF110 Commercial Spring return motor

 $97 each + FREE Shipping in the Continental United States.


Now available in 24vac and 110vac. Want the ease of wiring and automatic return of a spring return in a quality commercial grade motor? The TF 24 Commercial Belimo Spring return is the highest quality spring return motor available in this price range, with a five year warranty.

The TF24 is more powerful, and uses less power, than any residential grade spring return motor. How is this possible? The Belimo TF24 used a gear train motor to multiply the torques and power, and therefor uses a much smaller motor to produce far more power.

While residential grade spring return motors use 8 to 10 VA of power when energized, the TF24 with its smaller motor and more powerful gear train uses just 2.5 VA of power for cooler running and longer life.

Normally open? Power Close? Not sure on your application? Not a problem, just dismount and flip the motor to its other side to change its direction. Unmatched quality and versatility. 5 year warranty, 24vac or 110 vac.

TF24 Motor


Belimo LMB24-SR-T O-10volt DC modulated motor $110.00

+ FREE Shipping in the Continental United States.


SGF-24 Controller $74

+ FREE Shipping in the Continental United States.


This popular motor takes O 0 to 10 volt or 4 to 20ma input signal to move to variable position. Used with many commercial or advanced home automation systems. Input voltage in 24volts AC, use with any of our transformers.

For Balancing applications use with the SGF wall mounted controller; simply set the graduated knob to whatever position you want the damper to go to, and walk away-The damper blade will travel to that exact position and then stop.

Belimo LMB24-SR-T O-10volt DC modulated motor


SGF-24 Controller




Belimo Carrier Infinity, VVT, Trane Varitrac, and other Zone Control systems

 requiring a 15 second motor on Timing.

$99.00+ FREE Shipping in the Continental United States

Free Shipping in the Continental United States.

Use This Special Belimo motor as a high quality replacment motor on many Carrier and Trane Systems. there is no need to pay hundreds of dollars from the "factory" source when this high quality replacement motor has proven itself in that application.

Belimo Carrier Infinty, VVT, Trane Varitrac,

Belimo snap on end switch p/n S1A $45.10

or S2A $59.10 + Free Shipping in the Continental United States.

Use the Belimo end switches to add add end damper blade open or closed verification to any application. Switch neatly snaps onto any existing LMB style motor. SPDT or DPDT contacts.

Belimo snap on end switch p/n S1A

Belimo snap on end switch p/n S2A

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